What Is Vehicle Service Technician?


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Published: 31 Mar 2022

Service and Repair of Light Vehicles

Light vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes are serviced and repaired by technicians. All technicians are trained in all areas of vehicle mechanics and electronics.

Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanicians: CareerOneStop

Over the next decade, about 69,000 openings for automotive service technicians and mechanics are projected. Most of the openings are expected to be caused by the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or retire. Service technicians must be familiar with a growing number of electronic systems, and they also work on traditional mechanical systems.

Computers and electronic components are the main controlling factors for steering, transmission, and braking systems. Accidents-avoidance sensors are becoming common as well. A growing number of technicians are required to work on vehicles that use alternative fuels.

Vocational or postsecondary education programs in automotive service technology are considered the best way to get into entry-level positions. Programs last 6 months to a year and provide intensive career preparation through classroom instruction and hands-on practice. There are short-term certificate programs in a particular subject.

The median annual wage for automotive service technicians and mechanics was over forty grand in May 2020. Half of the workers in an occupation earn more than the median wage, and half earn less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $25,790, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $71,940.

The number of vehicles will continue to rise, and some service technicians will be needed to perform basic maintenance and repair tasks, such as changing oil and replacing brake pads. New vehicles are being built with cameras, instruments and sensors that allow for remote diagnosis and preventative maintenance, which reduces maintenance work hours. CareerOneStop has hundreds of occupational profiles with data available by state and metro area.

Apprenticeships in the workplace

It is expected that it will take three years for the apprenticeship to reach the required level of competence in the workplace, but it may be sooner if an individual has significant training and practical experience.

Automotive Technicians

Over half a million employees work in the automotive retail industry. It is a major contributor to the economy. The technician will report to the workshop controller who will then report to the after sales manager.

The Technician will report to the owner or the manager of the garage. The technician will work on the systems in the vehicle. Replacing simple parts, fixing complex faults, using diagnostic methods and equipment are some of the work that can be done on a daily basis.

Vehicle Technicians

A vehicle technician inspects and repairs vehicles to make them run efficiently and reliably. Vehicle technicians can work with many different vehicles. They work with a lot of vehicle components.

Automotive Service Technicians

The automotive service technicians are experts in understanding the mechanical, electrical and electronic workings of cars and other vehicles. They do everything from adjusting timing to repairing problems with computer systems. Changing oil and oil filters is one of the things that auto service technicians do.

Checking and topping off fluids and engine coolant are some of the services performed by automotive service technicians. Changing spark plugs, inspecting wires and coil, and installing new distributor caps are some of the tasks that can be done. When a vehicle is malfunctioning, the automotive service technician gets a description from the vehicle owner or other auto shop workers.

The technician uses his or her knowledge of cars and computerized diagnostic tools to check and test the vehicle's systems and components to find the problem. After the problem has been identified, the automotive service technician will give owners estimates for the repairs. A variety of other tools are used by automotive service technicians.

Basic handheld tools are used. They use a lot of larger, more powerful tools. The automotive service technicians use lift systems, jacks and engine hoists.

The job of the automotive service technician is physical. It is necessary to get to hard-to-reach areas of vehicles with the help of lifting, standing, bending and contorting. Some technicians might wear plugs.

The apprenticeship light vehicle service technician

The role of the apprenticeship light vehicle service technician varies by employer. The below explanation is a guide to help you understand what the role might involve. Light vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes are serviced and repaired by apprentices. All technicians are trained in all areas of vehicle mechanics and electronics.

Certification of RV Service Technicians at Trouble Shooter Clinic

RV service technicians can get certification. The RVIA Trouble Shooter Clinics give hands-on training and offer a lot of core knowledge that is evaluated by the test.

Field Service Technicians: A Survey

They are required to perform maintenance on all client programs. They should make sure that clients are happy with the installation and maintenance of their networks. They should monitor the computer and telephone systems.

Installation of digital and analog telephone sets should be done by them. Prioritize the customer activities and resolve issues at customer sites for a change of premises and cross connection in equipment, and manage the installation of various telecommunication related materials. They should have a good customer service skills and be able to diagnose and solve problems from non-technical descriptions.

It would be great if technicians had knowledge of different computing systems. The average salary of a Field Service Technician is around $50, 226 per annum or more, depending on experience in the United States. Striking out on your own can beneficial towards your career goals.

FieldEngineer.com is a good place to look for the best opportunities. Field Engineer has a solution for professionals. It helps you to connect with employers who are looking for similar skills.

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