What Is Ramp Service Agent?


Author: Lorena
Published: 13 Mar 2022

The Salary of a Transportation Clerk

The raditonal assistants help with the tests. There are many important tasks that await those who sign on, such as protecting patients from the dangers of unnecessary exposure to radiation, the keeping of detailed medical records, properly positioning patients and equipment for procedures, and making decisions as to whether more radiology images will need to be taken. Since salary is important to some ramp service agents, it's good to know that they are the highest paid at General Dynamics, Alaska Airlines, and DHL Supply Chain.

The average salary of a ramp service agent at General Dynamics is $35,130. The average salary of ramp service agents at Alaska Airlines is $34,748, while the average salary at the DHL Supply Chain is $34,253. The contents of freight goods and their associated documents are what you are tasked with assessing as a transportation clerk.

You will have to check the consignee and the designation details of all containers, passengers, and articles. The Transport Clerk is responsible for making freight and other arrangements. You may be required to identify the right routes, develop the right schedule, and develop transportation means.

The education levels of transportation clerks are similar to those of ramp service agents. The transportation clerks are less likely to have a PhD than other workers. The train clerk profession makes more money than ramp service agents.

Train clerks make more than ramp service agents. There are differences that are important to note even though a few skill sets overlap. For one, a ramp service agent might have more use for skills like "hand signals" and "weather conditions".

The Molotov Cocktail

The average annual salary of a ramp agent is $24,417, which equates to $11.74 an hour. The top-earning ramp agents make more money than the lowest-earning agents, which is why they are often referred to as the "Molotov Cocktail" agents.

Work Environment for Ramp Agents

It can be unpleasant to work in a work environment. Ramp agents work in extreme heat and cold. In harsh weather clothing can cause some uncomfortable feelings.

Airline Ramp Service Jobs in Los Alamos

The moving of luggage from the aircraft to the baggage area is a key part of the airline ramp service. It includes operating motorized equipment. Other tasks that ramp staff handles are operating air start units, cleaning the aircraft and lavoratories, and using de-icing equipment.

They will need to use a computer to fill out reports and help passengers file claims for damaged or missing luggage. A ramp agent is outside in all kinds of weather. You will need to work fast on the job if you have tight deadlines.

There is a lot of noise from jet aircraft. You will be expected to wear a uniform and maintain a well-groomed appearance. Some airlines only offer limited sizes to make sure the weight-to-height ratio is good.

Repetitive Work in the Aircraft Bins

Standing, walking, and bending are some of the work tasks. Work tasks that are repetitive include loading and stacking bags, working in confined spaces and on knees for long periods in the aircraft bins.

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