What Is Directory Assistance Operator?


Author: Lisa
Published: 21 Jan 2022

Directory Assistance Services

Telecommunication companies usually offer directory assistance services, which include an operator that can look for phone numbers of people, businesses or government bodies and connect the call for you. They are able to give other information such as email addresses and websites.

Location Recognition by Phone Companies and Data Aggregators

Most systems recognize the location. The best result is played to the caller if they have high recognition confidence. If the caller is not confident, the request is played back to the live operator who will find the correct listing.

Telephone companies allow up to two listings per call. Some wireless carriers offer Enhanced Directory Assistance services. Residential customers can't get wireless numbers via 411.

The tariffs for wireline telephone service allowed subscribers to place a certain number of directory assistance calls for free each month. Telephone companies are charging subscribers for directory assistance calls. The service of 4-1-1 queries is often done by a call centre.

When a single carrier provided most of the services for a region, the data used to satisfy the search could only come from that carrier's subscriber rolls. When the market is fragmented, the data must be aggregated by a data Aggregator. The dataggregation company distributes the data to the 4-1-1 services on a "live" basis, or periodically transfers large swaths of listings to the call center's systems for local searching.

Free Directory Assistance

The free directory assistance has been reduced. Availability is determined by your local phone company. Some companies give free service to customers who are unable to use the printed telephone directory. Call your local phone company to inquire about directory assistance rates and policies.

Free 411 Number

You can get directory assistance by calling 4-1-1 on your cellphone. Directory assistance uses a live operator an automated system to locate listings and connect you to the party you want to reach. Thank you for posting.

You need to call 1-800-373-3411 to take advantage of the free directory assistance. If you have any questions or are having trouble with this, please call us at 888-345-5509 or chat with us here. If you call 411 directly instead of using the free number listed in the article, there is a charge of $1.50 per 411 call applied to your next invoice.

Automated International Directory Assistance Positions

Directory assistance is not always automated. Live operator assistance is often needed in less sophisticated regions of the United States in order to reach international directory assistance. In a call to a carrier for manual directory assistance, the telephone positions of live directory assistance operators may ring and ring with no response.

A live operator may be tied up with the calling party for a long time during a call. In an international call, and referring to a figure. A customer 10 who is interested in obtaining a telephone number of an international party typically dial "0-0" in the United States to reach a long distance operator at operator services position system 30.

The long distance operator may transfer the call to a centralized international directory assistance position for a chosen carrier if the customer asks for directory assistance in a remote country. A gateway switch 50 is an international gateway switch center that can be found in a foreign country with a system from Lucent Technologies. In the United States, other carriers than AT&T may not provide a centralized international directory assistance position and the long distance operator may attempt a call to a foreign directory assistance position from a toll or tandem office.

There is a diagram in the first section. The diagram shows that the AT&T toll network has an arrangement in place for providing centralized international directory assistance services in association with the Pittsburgh, Pa. toll switch, a Lucent Technologies invention. The present invention attempts to alleviate the problem of foreign country and other remote destination directory assistance operator assistance positions being slow in answering calls.

The caller may have to wait for several minutes for answer. The live operator may be inconvenient. The operator may lose time and revenues due to the down time.

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