What Is Animal Control Officer?


Author: Lisa
Published: 25 Mar 2022

Certificate Training for Animals

Some states may provide their own certificate training programs for animals. Some programs are daylong and others are a few months long.

The Employment Growth of Animal Control Officers

Animal control officers enforce humane care regulations while on patrol. It is both rewarding and challenging to work as animal control officer. Animal control officers are employed by a number of government agencies.

They can work their way up from entry level officer positions to management roles. Senior animal control officer, director of operations, and coordinators are examples of upper-level animal control titles. To become animal control officer, you must have a high school degree or GED and have some experience with animals.

A criminology degree is usually preferred. The employment of animal care and services workers will grow 22 percent through the year, which is much faster than the overall employment growth of 7 percent for all occupations in the country. BLS doesn't offer a breakdown of employment data for animal control officers.

The Rise of Animal Control

Animals are abused on a daily basis. The realities of animal abuse have been brought to national attention thanks to public education and popular shows on channels such as Animal Planet. Animal control officers are the heroes with huge hearts who go in and try to save their furry friends.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that animal control officers will make a median salary of $35,520. The lower 10 percent will make $22,050 annually while the top 10 percent will make $57,350. The national average for job growth is about 8 percent, but animal control officers will see their jobs grow by about 8 percent.

Cover Letter for an Animal Control Officer

Animal control officers protect animals from abuse. Their duties include investigating animal cases, responding to citizen calls, and sending citations to people suspected of animal abuse. Those interested in animal control officer position should highlight their skills in their resume. A high school degree and basic veterinary and law enforcement training are included in eligible resume samples.

What is a cat?

The shape of animal control duties is different in different places. Animal control officers can be either employees or contractors. Some animal control officers have the power to issue citations, but not all.

Some are licensed to carry firearms, some are not. Some communities have the police department or code enforcement take care of animal control, while others may contract with private businesses or shelters. People might see what you are doing if you feed cats on public property.

Check your local laws to find out what activities are allowed on public property. You should always be discreet in your actions. Colony care practices include keeping the area clean and removing food after 30 minutes.

If you are going to ask the officer if you can read the search warrant, you should step outside. Take note of the warrant and where it allows the officer to search. Take notes of what the officer says and does during the search.

You want to give your attorney all the information so he can make a decision. Ask the animal control officer what the specific rules are for trapping cats. It is rare that a person is required to trap cats.

The salaries of animal control officers in state positions

Most of the animal control officers are employed by the local governments. The animal control officers in state positions earned an average of $35,000 per year in 2011.

Animal Control Officers

An animal control officer is in charge of the treatment of animals. You might have to help capture animals that are lost or have been abandoned. Animal control officers may have to testify in animal care cases if they investigate complaints about the treatment of animals. Animal control officers might work in animal shelters.

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